Hands-on with Lightweight M2M: run a smartwatch on the Internet of Things!


The Internet of Things is rising fast, but how to run it safely and efficiently using standards?

OMA Lightweight M2M is the brand new IoT protocol for managing smart objects. It provides answers to the typical IoT needs: monitoring, configuring, securing and upgrading devices.
It’s bandwidth efficient and fits in constrained embedded environments while providing friendly and discoverable RESTful API.

This tutorial aims at giving you a hands-on experience with Lightweight M2M by showing you the power and simplicity of the Eclipse Leshan library for managing real world IoT application.

- Introduction to CoAP and Lightweight M2M
- Demo and live discovery of a connected smartwatch
- Presentation of Eclipse Leshan, a lightweight M2M implementation for Java
- Code your own Java server, and start managing fleet of smartwatches!
- Presentation of more advanced lightweight M2M topic: firmware upgrade, security, bootstrap, Wakaama and Tinydtls
- Code a smartwatch application using Lightweight M2M

Schedule info
Session Time Slot(s):
Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 11:15 to 13:00