Handle The Billion Dollar Mistake in Eclipse - Reloaded

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For the unfortunate who, like my mother, may have missed my session last year, as even the recording somehow finished in /dev/null, I'm coming back with a better, faster, stronger talk.

If you've already been thinking: heck! Javadoc is a poor way to express I'm *not* accepting a null parameter there...


void pleaseWaste(My time) { if (time != null) { System.out.printf("It is %s\n", time.asUserReadable() ); } }

What if you could simply write:

void pleaseWaste(@NonNull My time) { System.out.printf("It is %s\n", time.asUserReadable() ); }

I'll show you quickly the basics. Then we'll discuss the caveats, the Java 8 impact (type annotations, aka JSR308), external annotations support in Eclipse Mars, Eclipse current limitations and recent improvements in the JDT and try to provide a comparison with the other competitors like IntelliJ & Netbeans.

Note: don't worry. This will not be the 2014 talk!

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