Eclipse, Linux Distributions, and You


Why should you care about integrating well with Linux distributions? How do we go about it in Fedora Project? And what can you do to help?

With an increasing number of developers choosing Linux as their go-to platform for either development work or their deployment target, I want to improve the discoverability (e.g. how we make Eclipse and its plug-ins visible in the distro's own package management system) the installability (e.g. how we get tools on the system that we need that are external to Eclipse) and the usability (e.g. how do we support invoking privileged actions from plug-ins) of the IDE and plug-ins by improving our integration with the Linux desktop.

I want to talk about how we've gone about doing this so far in a "downstream" Linux distribution, the problems we've encountered in maintaining it and the things that can be done by "upstream" plug-in maintainers to make the situation even better so let's lower the bar to entry for getting started with Eclipse on Linux and enhance the lives of those already using Eclipse on Linux!

I will try not to assume any prior knowledge of maintaining software in a Linux distribution, so all experience levels are welcome.

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While the topic itself can be interesting, I've trouble to understand what this talk will actually cover. Thus, can you please update the abstract and (i) add more details about the content, and (ii) give the reader a sense why and when they should attend your talk? Thank you.

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