Easy scripting, easy modeling


Some of the modeling activities can be painful and repetitive, and the modeling rules can change during the lifecycle of a project. For these reasons we want to script our models. We could use the java API, but not everyone is a java developer and we want a more lightweight tool that does not involve compilation or building.

This is where EASE comes in. The EASE project brings the power of dynamic scripting to the Eclipse IDE (and your RCP). EASE provides script interpreters for various languages that are executed directly on your JRE. Currently you may choose from JavaScript, Python, Groovy and Ruby. Scripts in these languages may be written and executed directly in your application. And best of all: these scripts have direct access to the underlying java classes your RCP is built upon.

This talk will describe the basic functionalities of EASE for the users and how we can extends this framework. On the last part of the presentation the focus will be set on the modeling aspect. In this part we will show how we can manipulate EMF models using EASE. We will present two different techniques allowing to run EASE scripts on models.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 17:00 to 17:35