Mon, 2015-04-13 11:07

Sirius Workshop: Advanced graphical editors for your DSL

Eclipse Sirius is the project that makes it easy to create custom graphical modeling workbenches.

Based on EMF, a workbench created with Sirius provides a set of graphical model editors (diagrams, tables, trees) integrated in the Eclipse environment. The creation of this workbench is greatly facilitated by the ability to test the editors in real time.

Sun, 2015-04-12 12:16

Testing Xtext Languages

Xtext is a popular Eclipse framework for easily implementing Domain Specific Languages; Xtext deals not only with the compiler but also with all the typical Eclipse IDE tooling. Implementing an Xtext DSL in a test driven way makes the development easier, solid and resilient to new versions of Xtext itself. With that respect, Xtext provides a testing framework to easily implement Junit tests.

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