Contributing to Eclipse. Live Hackathon (Part 1)


Eclipse is an open source project which reflects the work of its community. At their respective level, anyone can contribute without necessarily having to be an advanced developer.

Following an introduction of the different types of contributions and the role that anyone can have, this talk will then focus more specifically on the code contribution as well as the git and gerrit tools that are managed by the foundation to facilitate the work.

Using concrete examples of contributions (bug fixes, new components, …), different use cases and tips will be explained in detail.

The purpose of this talk is to show that everyone can contribute at his level, and that the code contribution is made through modern and professional tools.

This talk will be composed of 2 parts where the basics (concepts, bug fixing process, tooling…) will be explained twice. People can attend only the first or second part or both parts. If they are attending the two parts they can keep on fixing bugs while the introduction is repeated.

We sent an email on monday to explain the prerequisites you must install on your laptop to attend this hackathon. If you did not receive it you can get the text from this page :


Schedule info
Session Time Slot(s):
Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 09:00 to 10:45


After a chat with Wayne and Mickael we are interested in turning this talk into a workshop.

Fixing preselected bugs with this issues :
- how to create your development environment to fix bugs [oomph]
- how to report or comment the bug
- how to submit your review to gerrit
- how to rebuild locally (to test)

This workshop could propose some prizes (eclipse goodies) like first fixed bug, number of fix bugs ....

We can also prepare the committers to respond to gerrit reviews

That would be great..

Should we create a new talk for this or should I turn this talk to a workshop myself ?

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