continuous delivery

Tue, 2015-04-14 22:29

Orion on the road to Continuous Delivery (Sponsored by IBM)

What does it take to deliver a new software release to customers every week? How about releasing once a day, or even once an hour? For a development team used to a traditional annual release cycle, the transition to continuous delivery requires a fundamental transformation. This talk will dive into detail on how the IBM team working on Eclipse Orion and IBM Bluemix development tools is making this transition.

Sat, 2015-03-21 16:08

Eclipse & Gradle - The best of both worlds

Eclipse is a very powerful IDE. Gradle is a very powerful build system. In this presentation, we will learn how these two giants can be combined to get the best of both worlds. While Eclipse takes care of dealing with the sources and resources of our project, Gradle handles building and testing of our project. This natural separation of concerns is achieved in Buildship, Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle, that integrates deeply with both Eclipse and Gradle. The result is a unified build that is highly automated and reproducible.

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