CDO’s New Clothes


In the past twelwe years the CDO Model Repository has focused on providing concise APIs and efficient implementations that help you build scalable, distributed, model-based applications efficiently. Transparency in the sense of not getting in your way when you write business logic is a recurring theme in CDO. The user interface, in contrast, has always been put in second place, regarded primarily as a means to demonstrate the underlying functionality. The Mars release of CDO will receive a total facelift.

A complete reimplementation of the user interface will provide first-class Project Explorer integration with seamless support for both online and offline repository connections. Branching and interactive merging will be supported as well as history browsing and time travelling.

This session will take you on a fresh and exciting trip through the world of CDO. By following the workflows of the new user interface you’ll grasp the benefits of CDO in a natural way and leave with a good understanding of how best to dress up your own applications.

Session details