Building UIs with EMF Parsley and its DSL

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EMF Parsley is a new incubating Eclipse project that allows to quickly get a UI from an EMF model.
Using a DSL it also allows easy and quick customization, so you can create EMF model based applications in a snap.
Such DSL is implemented in Xtext and Xbase, so it comes with a rich Eclipde IDE tooling, a Java-like syntax, it is completely interoperable with all the Java libraries, and can also be debugged.
In this talk we will show a number of demos. Like parsley herb in cooking, you will see how EMF Parlsey can be used to transform your model into a good-looking application, with a high customization level.
You'll learn how to:
- show and decorate the model
- filter the contents
- show your model growing under your eyes
- customize actions to context menus
- manage different kind of persistence with the same application
and many other features.
Parsley is integrated out-of-the-box with any EMF persistence framework around (XMI, Teneo, CDO).
Moreover it also targets RAP, so that, using single sourcing techniques, an RCP application implemented with Parsley can automatically be ported to the web without modifications.

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