Wed, 2015-06-03 11:12

Papyrus 1.1: A greatly enhanced user-driven MDE enabler (Sponsored by CEA List)

Following last year’s promotion beyond incubation status, Papyrus continues to evolve as an industrial-strength facility. Most recently major progress has been achieved in the following three key areas: (i) enhancing the user experience, (ii) improvements in performance and scalability, and (iii) greater robustness and stability. In this talk we first describe the advances made in these general aspects as well as the development of new capabilities and enhancements in support of domain-specific modeling languages.

Sun, 2015-05-31 07:01

Synchronizing architecture and requirements for better specifications (Sponsored by Obeo)

Due to the effects of a safety failure, aeronautics remains a highly standardized and prescriptive domain requiring
• every code line to be specified,
• every requirement of specifications to be verified with associated proof,
• product’s architecture to be documented, and consistency between architectures and specifications to be maintained.
These are some of the reasons that make it so difficult to build the appropriate solution, the one able to meet certification needs in an industrial / competitive context.

Tue, 2015-05-19 11:03

Transformations, Patterns, Version Control: Where there is modeling, there is merging (Sponsored by Thales)

It may not have occurred to you that the need to merge models is everywhere: from incremental model transformations to version control, team work on models, or model refactoring.

The EMF Diff/Merge Eclipse project is centered around a technical component that can consistently merge models or arbitrary sets of model elements. It provides extendible, customizable building blocks for the creation of diff/merge-based features.

We report on three industrial usages of EMF Diff/Merge for three different purposes.

Tue, 2015-04-14 22:29

Orion on the road to Continuous Delivery (Sponsored by IBM)

What does it take to deliver a new software release to customers every week? How about releasing once a day, or even once an hour? For a development team used to a traditional annual release cycle, the transition to continuous delivery requires a fundamental transformation. This talk will dive into detail on how the IBM team working on Eclipse Orion and IBM Bluemix development tools is making this transition.

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