Call for Papers

Fri, 2014-09-05 14:27

The call for papers is now closed.

Welcome to the EclipseCon France 2015 Call for Papers!

Last year's conference was a big success, and we are looking forward to another event with new ideas, more options for talks, and more social networking. We need you to make this happen! We encourage you to submit a talk if you have a great story to tell on any of the topics below.

Talk Tracks

The topics are grouped into two general categories.

Systems Engineering and Working Groups

EclipseCon France has become the best place for Eclipse Working Groups to meet and collaborate, so we are especially interested in proposals in the following areas.

  • Eclipse in the Industry. Do you work on automotive, aerospace, communication, chemical, or other industrial domain applications based on Eclipse? Then choose this track to propose a Case Study or Lessons Learned talk. If your project is part of an Eclipse Working Group such as PolarSys or Automotive, don't hesitate – propose your talk here.
  • IoT and Embedded. If you are all about embedded devices, the Internet of Things, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, home automation, drones, or robots, this track is for you.
  • Science. If you manipulate and visualize large datasets, if you want to share complex numerical algorithms or how you use software in your field of science, this is your track! Come and tell us about your scientific workbenches, software components and services for data analysis, visualization, simulation, interoperability, or any science-related topic.
The Eclipse Ecosystem

Even though EclipseCon France emphasizes specific technical areas, it is also a place for the entire Eclipse community to meet and discover new technologies. We invite you to submit presentations on these topics.

  • Modern Technologies and Methodologies. Are you developing modern applications – Web applications, mobile applications, back-end applications; doing DevOps with home-made infrastructure or whatever-as-a-service? Share how the Eclipse ecosystem can interact with current and ongoing application technologies and methodologies.
  • Eclipse Technologies and Community. Submit in this track if you want to showcase popular or uprising Eclipse frameworks, technologies and projects, such as RCP, Modeling, e4, Language Tools, Collaboration Tools, Web IDEs. You can also use this track to share some best practices and new tools for the Eclipse community (simultaneous release, automated error reporting, infrastructure...)
  • Other Cool Stuff. If your talk doesn’t seem to fit into another track, propose it here. We are looking for talks about User eXperience, Software Quality, Gamification, LocationTech, and so on. Any interesting topic is welcome!

If you aren't sure which track is the best fit for your submission, just take a best guess and the program committee may change it later. There's no "wrong" type of submission and we want the conference to be appealing to a large audience. If you think your topic is interesting, there's a good chance the program committee will too!

Talk Types

The two Talk Types are

  • Standard (35 minutes)
  • Workshop (105 minutes)

We will also have two other talk types: Ignite Talks and Showtime. Most Ignite Talks will be modified versions of standard talk submissions; the program committee will contact submitters about these. Showtime, new for 2015, will be short demos presented during the Thursday lunch break. Submissions for Showtime will be done outside the regular submission system, and open later. Please note that we are not able to provide speaker passes for Ignite Talk or Showtime presenters.

Notes for Speakers

We have designed EclipseCon France to maximize the opportunity to meet other attendees, visit the sponsors, and get updated on what the community is doing. The program organization is simple. All talks are 35 minutes long, scheduled into 45-minute time slots. All workshops are 105 minutes long and offered on one morning. Please note that the conference language is English.

We strongly encourage the actual speaker to submit the proposal. Sometimes a third party will submit on a speaker’s behalf. Typically such proposals are not accepted. We want speakers who are engaged and really want to speak at the conference. The program committee will review all proposals, but proposals submitted by third parties will be given lower priority.

Before submitting, please read the Submission FAQS and the Speaker FAQs. If you have any questions after reading these, contact us.

When you are ready to submit, click on the button below! (Remember to log in to the website first.)

Program Committee

These members of the Eclipse community comprise the program committee. For more on the individual members, see the Program Committee page.

  • Mickael Istria (chair)
  • Mélanie Bats (chair emeritus)
  • Alain Bernard
  • Marcel Bruch
  • Ignacio Garro
  • Tracy Miranda
  • Thierry Monteil

Important Dates

  • February 2, 2015: submissions open
  • March 31, 2015: early-bird submission deadline Updated!
  • April 14, 2015, 23:59 CET: submissions close Updated!