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Software Engineer


Computer language, Design, Software architecture, Modularity


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Mikael is a passionate software engineer. He started programming at the age of 10 with BASIC and did not stop since then. He is currently a software engineer at Obeo, a French SME located in Nantes, where he is leading customer projects. He is also the leader of the open source Eclipse project EMF Compare and committer on Eclipse Orbit. He is an OSGi advocate and enjoys explaining why modularity is important for software engineering.

An hacker at heart, Mikael likes to untangle everyday's things to reveal their design layers. It lets him understand how things are built and what make them beautiful. To him, good design shall not be attractive only, but also targeted to a purpose. This is why he likes software architecture where he tries to apply good design principles that he learnt. Recently, he discovered himself a taste for slides design and has studied it thoroughly.

Mikael has spoken at several industry conferences, including Eclipse Conferences.