Digital Place

Tue, 2014-06-03 14:09

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DigitalPlace is the ICT cluster of Midi-Pyrénées. The cluster is composed of companies of different sizes, mainly VSE and SME of the whole ICT sector. Its aim is to develop this sector, to implement collective projects in order to allow companies to seize all the growth mechanisms, to help its members to reach a milestone in terms of size (revenue and employment) and access to new markets.

Recognizing the strength of our regional and local ICT economy the French government has accredited DigitalPlace as an ICT industry cluster.
Our ambition is to drive the regional ICT ecosystem to a leading worldwide position.

DigitalPlace has three strategic goals:
• Encourage horizontal innovation in order to be among leaders on growing sectors
• Accompany local businesses on new markets (e-health, e-agriculture, classic industries…)
• Promote the ICT ecosystem and firms internationally.

We expect to reach about 180 members before the end of 2014. As we write those lines, we are 165. 40% are software editors.
Group dynamics give birth to projects and services which we implement to help enterprises in their development.

DigitalPlace drives thematic and business support commissions to encourage technology, commercial and financial development and to sustain the emergence of innovative ideas and collaborative projects.