Why code Lua with LDT?


LDT means Lua Development Tools, the Lua IDE part of the Koneki project, and soon in his own project.

Lua is a powerful and light scripting language. There are a lot of tools to code in Lua. Why choose LDT?

Unlike editors, LDT is based on deep language analysis which helps with core features such as auto-completion, outline and documentation. On top of this, LDT comes with an API documentation Language that enable easy documentation and API exploration.

Lua virtual machine is easy to embed in existing applications and therefore often used in combination with native C or C++ code. As LDT is part of the Eclipse ecosystem, it is compatible with others Eclipse projects, such as CDT for cross language debugging. This talk will explain some of theses advantages.

Finally, we will share with the community our view of the future of LDT to start gathering feedback.

Here are the slides.

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Diamant - Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 17:00 to 17:35