UML Generators are coming in the Eclipse Foundation

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There are lot of open source code or model generators available all over the web. For end-users, It is difficult to find them and to ensure that they can work one with the others. For contributors, it is not easy to participate since those generators do not have the same life cycle, coding styles or dependencies.

As a result, a brand new project has been created in the Eclipse Foundation to gather all the generators producing or consuming UML models created by the modeling community.

In this talk, you will have a look at all the generators contributed to the Eclipse Foundation:
* UML2Java: It converts Class and Component diagrams into Java code.
* UML2C: It converts Class and State diagrams into C code.
* C2UML: It reverses C code into a UML model.
* UML2RTSJ : It converts Structure Composite, Class and State diagrams into Java code based on RTSJ (Real Time Specification for Java).
* Java2UML: It reverses Java code to a UML model.

This talk will be realized by contributors from the various companies which are centralizing their expertise in this open source project.