Scaling up with Papyrus: Working on your models as a team

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Papyrus offers a powerful, highly-customizable graphical editor for UML and SysML models integrated directly into Eclipse, but how can it be used industrially to work as a team on very large models?

In this talk, we will discuss some of the use cases you will run into when working collaboratively on your models, and how Papyrus can help you carry them out:

  •  Versioning and sharing your models within the team:
    Papyrus's Luna release came with an update to its CDO integration, complete with workbench-based server and user administration, support for object-level locking, changes to Papyrus’s editing behavior and more
    Furthermore, the Collaborative Mode integrates eclipse’s read-only and team working mechanisms with Papyrus’ editing behaviors to offer a locking / unlocking tool that can be extended to work with any kind of file-based remote repository (git, svn, cvs)
  • Outsourcing to a third party:
    In order to support team working on very large models, Papyrus Outsourcing Model offers the ability to seamlessly split models into independent sub-models that can be redistributed and modified separately from the main model; these can be later reintegrated.
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