OM2M: Standardized service platform for M2M interoperability


Machine-to Machine (M2M) promises to interconnect billions of devices in near future covering various domains. However, M2M is suffering from a high vertical fragmentation of current M2M markets and lack of standards. To bridge this gap, we propose the Eclipse OM2M project, a horizontal ETSI-based service platform for M2M interoperability. OM2M follows a RESTful approach with open interfaces to enable developing services and applications independently of the underlying network. It proposes a modular architecture running on top of an OSGi Equinox layer, making it highly extensible via plugins. It supports multiple protocol bindings such as HTTP and CoAP. The OMA-DM protocol is used as a remote entity management service to perform efficient software updates and life-cycle managements. The TLS-PSK protocol is considered to enable secure communication based on pre-shared keys, and various interworking proxies are provided to enable seamless communication with legacy devices such as Zigbee and Phidgets technologies. This talk helps to understand the OM2M API for creating new M2M applications interacting with heterogeneous devices, as well as the OM2M internal architecture for developing new M2M plugins.


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Spot - Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 15:10 to 15:45