Modern web application development workflow


People often consider that creating a web application is done by creating a bunch of HTML, Javascript and CSS files in a text editor, putting them in a folder and uploading them on the web.

Well, things have changed and in this presentation, you will see how the workflow used to deliver web applications has evolved over the past few years and where the Eclipse Foundation's tools stand in this new world!

In this talk, we will start by having a look at all the new development tools that have appeared with the arrival of Node.js and how they are used by the web development community.

With tools like Bower used to manage the dependencies of a project, Grunt and Gulp used for the continuous integration and Yeoman used to kickstart web applications, web developers have dramatically increased their productivity.

After that, we will see what tools like the Eclipse IDE and Orion can offer to web developers in order to build and maintain their applications and finally how they could be improved to provide the features needed by web developers.


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Diamant - Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 10:15 to 10:50