Make Airbus engineers' life better with Eclipse


Do you really think that Eclipse is only a software development environment? Do you really think that only developers use Eclipse?

Far from the world of software experts and developers, come and discover an Integrated Development Environment for design office's engineers at Airbus. This session will show you how Eclipse is being scaled to change the life of engineers by providing them a complete environment that integrates all their tools and allows them to spend more time for your safety.

Managing thousands of calculations, performing complex studies, and ensuring the transfer of knowledge between experts and young engineers, that is the challenge our application want to take up. Discover the Eclipse tools that have made this journey possible, from very standard concepts (preferences, help,…) to most recent and up-to-date Eclipse projects, like the Nebula's NatTable, the Sirius project and other EMF technologies.

But the runway is full of pitfalls. Hear about the difficulties to unify a fragmented landscape, to make Eclipse interacting with the existing ecosystem and the issues that must be solved for a successful take-off.


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Spot - Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 13:55 to 14:30