Mon, 2014-04-07 11:00

End to End WebApp Development with Orion

In this tutorial, attendees will develop a complete client side web application from scratch, entirely from a browser. Attendees will use Orion development tools to build a web application from the ground up. Along the way, attendees will learn about all the capabilities of Orion, from project management and coding, through to Git source control, testing, extensibility, and deployment. The content of the tutorial is refined based on the feedback from previous Eclipse events.

Sat, 2014-04-05 17:30

Introduction to Dart development

Dart is a really cool new platform featured by Google, the 1.0 version was published only a few months ago.
In this workshop, you will learn all the basic details which make the richness of this language, specifically designed for front-end web development.

Come and learn how to build web components with Polymer ! (Google implementation of the new HTML 5 Web Components specification).

The workshop will be made of :
- a rapid presentation of Dart syntax and syntactic sugar (roughly 20 minutes)
- a complete and unique hands-on tutorial

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