Hybrid UI Experiment: Day 1

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Since few months we have discovered a new Graphical Toolkit with a really interesting API, obviously I'm talking about JavaFX.

A major stable version has been recently released and deeply integrated with Java 8 (as an extension).
We will quickly have an overview of new features introduced before exploring new way.

One main question is still present into our mind: How could we use it during our daily works without loosing its main advantages ? and what could we do with it ?

Several use cases exist, we will see a newer one.

By removing all extra stuff, and keeping only essential we can build a new platform definition lighter and blazingly fast. This project can be sum up in one word: KISS (Keep It Simple, S----d).

What are ingredients of a such promise ? Equinox, JavaFX, Maven and JRebirth.

A simple application with only few OSGI bundles will be showcased.

The main goal is to build a full JavaFX-based stack running on our preferred OSGI runtime, so we won't talk about e4 neither Tycho nor SWT.

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