Hands-on with CoAP: embrace the Internet of Things!


The Internet of Things if growing, but how can you build your own connected objects?
Together with MQTT, CoAP is one of the popular IoT protocols. It provides answers to the typical IoT constraints: it is bandwidth efficient and fits in constrained embedded environment while providing friendly and discoverable RESTful API.

This tutorial aims at giving you a hands-on experience with CoAP by showing you the power and simplicity of the Eclipse Californium library for developing real world IoT application.

- Introduction to CoAP
- Live discovery of connected CoAP objects using the Copper plugin for Firefox
- Presentation of more advanced CoAP topics (proxy, resource directory, device management with LWM2M)
- Presentation of Eclipse Californium, a CoAP library for Java
- Exercise: complete the provided Java code to create your own Internet of Things... thing!


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Argos - Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 11:15 to 13:00