Getting Married with a Model


If you do not use EMF or know what it is, please keep reading; this talk is targeted at you.
EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) is a framework used to generate entities (aka Java Beans) from a simple model. Over the years, EMF has become a runtime technology for all kinds of purposes and, since the release of Eclipse 4, is even part of the core platform.
However, the world of Eclipse developers is still split in two groups. One group uses EMF and loves it, and the other group has never used it before.
This talk is meant for the second group, so if you have no idea what EMF is or if you don’t know why you should use it, this is the place to be for you. We want to demonstrate to you the benefits of using EMF for your next application.
Because slides are not to be trusted, we will show a consistent live demonstration building a new application based on EMF from scratch. To spice it up a little, the example model we create covers a crucial, complex, fluctuating, touchy and controversial topic from real life: the seating arrangement at a wedding.
During the session, we will demonstrate a number of benefits of using EMF Core such as the reflective API, generated UI support and validation. Additionally, we will demonstrate EMF-based frameworks, which provide a wide feature set including Graphiti, EMF Client Platform, EMF Forms and CDO.


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Spot - Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 10:15 to 10:50