End to End WebApp Development with Orion


In this tutorial, attendees will develop a complete client side web application from scratch, entirely from a browser. Attendees will use Orion development tools to build a web application from the ground up. Along the way, attendees will learn about all the capabilities of Orion, from project management and coding, through to Git source control, testing, extensibility, and deployment. The content of the tutorial is refined based on the feedback from previous Eclipse events.

We will start by cloning some popular web application libraries such as Bootstrap and TableTop.js. We will integrate these libraries into a simple web application that pulls open map data into an embedded map widget that displays and organizes the data. Finally we will deploy the application to an existing PaaS provider to complete the end-to-end scenario. Attendees will end up with a finished, working web application, and a solid understand of Orion development tools to help them with further web development projects.

No previous knowledge of Orion or other Eclipse tools is required. Some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript would be helpful. Attendees should bring a laptop with a modern browser (latest Chrome or Firefox preferred).

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Diamant - Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 11:15 to 13:00