Come and learn how we connected an open source simulation tool to the IBM Jazz platform

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Industrial companies operate a large set of tools including COTs, open source, and home-grown applications to support system engineering activities. The overall process can be effective and efficient only if it supports collaboration among all the stakeholders. Thus interoperability and openness are getting even more crucial to the industry.

The Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) is an open community with the objective to create standardized specifications of how tools, involved in different engineering lifecycles, can be integrated to exchange data and information.

Among others, we are using IBM Rational commercial tools to support our system engineering processes. One of the objectives is to define traceability links between different artefacts of the lifecycle of aircraft systems, and to use those links for analysis purposes. For examplle, we need to verify the system design against the requirements or to identify all design elements impacted by a change request on a requirement.

The IBM OSLC-enabled applications are natively well integrated to each other and so far they prove that they work perfectly for the software development world. What about the system engineering domain, where we have many non-IBM tools in use? Therefore, our challenge has been to fill the gap between Open Modelica – open source simulation tool - and IBM Rational tools like Team Concert, Design Manager and RELM.

Come and learn how we built an OSLC adapter for Open Modelica that allow us to add and use traceability links between our requirements, the system design and the simulations models.

Our OSLC adaptor is based on the Eclipse Lyo library. This java SDK helps the Eclipse community to build OSLC-compliant tools. Find out more at and

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