Building a multiplatform clone of WhatsApp with Cordova and Eclipse Thym


Apache Cordova (AKA Phonegap) is the de-facto standard runtime environment for developing hybrid mobile applications ( ) . Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio has recently added new features to ease the development of cross-platform mobile applications using Apache Cordova : The Thym (The HYbrid Mobile ) project delivers IDE components and a framework for developing Hybrid Mobile Applications on the Eclipse platform.

In this session, Sebastien Blanc will discuss the principles of building hybrid mobile applications and demonstrate how Eclipse Thym can ease the task. Demos will include:

A complete development cycle for a hybrid mobile application.
Creating a project, editing it, then running it on platform emulators without leaving the integrated development environment (IDE).
Integrating it with a backend Application.
The convenience of using the new Cordova Simulator, which incorporates Ripple and live reload to test and debug mobile hybrid applications.
How to integrate easily Push Notifications in the app using AeroGear's UnifiedPush Server.

For those who want to participate actively during this workshop :
1. Make sure you have an Eclipse Luna installed

2. Be sure to have the Mobile Hybrid Tools from JBoss Tools installed. To make the things easier I have created an update site just for you (yes I know there is a typo but that the good url ;) ) : this update site will install all the plugins you need for the workshop

3. Have an AndroidSDK installed : , please tesst your SDK and install if needed an emulator image.

4. For those interested in iOS development, make sure you have XCode and the iOS simulator installed. For some features, like Push, an developer account should be needed.

If will save time if you have this installed before the workshop but don't worry if you don't feel comfortable by doing this yourself, I will bring a lot of USB sticks containing all the stuff needed (and for all the platforms : linux/macos/windows)

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Argos - Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 09:00 to 10:45


I'm pretty flexible if a talk format is prefered rather than a workshop, I can also turn this into a 35 minutes talk.

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The demand for whats app is rocking ! Today we can build a whats app clone in a day. Its reskinning or re developing of whats app application has increased leaps and bounds. Such messaging apps contiunes to climb app store.

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Hi Sébastien,
Thym is indeed very cool!
And the project of this talk even more!
Is there some link for getting into some more detail of the implementation, or some public resource of a similar project?
Thank you very much

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