Better Java Programming With Xtend

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Xtend is a flexible and expressive dialect of Java and as such easy to learn for Java developers. Built on top of the strengths of Java it adds powerful features like type inference, functional programming, operator overloading, extension methods, and macros. Xtend adopts Java‘s typesystem such that you can use any existing Java library without any friction. Because Xtend compiles to readable and pretty-printed Java5 code, you can even use it on platforms that are locked on Java5, such as Android or GWT. Xtend is fully open-source and integrates seamlessly with JDT in your Eclipse platform.

In this session I will get you started with Xtend. You will learn how you can improve your code step-by-step by leveraging the additional language features in a modern UI. Get productive and write beautiful code with Xtend.

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