EclipseCon France Program Committee

Thu, 2014-02-06 21:07

The sessions and keynotes at EclipseCon are chosen by an independent program committee made up of volunteers from the Eclipse community.

To contact the program committee, send us email.

Mélanie Bats (committee chair) works as a software developer at Obeo. In her daily work, she is mainly focused on the development of modeling tools with Sirius (UML Designer/SysML Designer). In her free time she is interested in Arduino stuff and contributes some Eclipse plugins for cross compilation. She is also a free software activist who has organized and participated in free software events in the Toulouse area.

Benjamin Cabé (chair emeritus) is the latest addition to the Eclipse Foundation staff. He builds bridges between Eclipse projects (especially the ones related to the Internet of Things), and other open source communities. Outside of work, Benjamin loves traveling around the world with a camera around his neck. You can read his blog at

Ignacio Garro is responsible for Systems and Software Engineering tools at Continental. There he develops and provides several Eclipse-based solutions for use on automotive projects. Since 2011 he has been the chairman of the Eclipse Automotive Working Group, which supports the application of Eclipse technologies (CDT, Sphinx, functional safety, etc.) to the automotive industry. In his free time,he tries to decide if he likes software hacks or hardware hacks the most.

Pierre Gaufillet has been a Software Engineering Specialist at Airbus in Toulouse since 2001, where he defines development methods and supports software engineers working on avionic applications and flight simulators. Advocating open source strategy and model driven engineering for years, he is also involved in the TOPCASED initiative - aiming to provide and maintain a complete CASE (Computer Aided System Engineering) in open source. Pierre has been the chairman of the PolarSys Working Group since October 2012. When Pierre is not talking about computer sciences, you may find him traveling or climbing in unlikely places.

Mickael Istria is an Eclipse RCP/plugin developer for JBoss by Red Hat. He has been an Eclipse developer for several open source RCP projects (JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio, Petals Studio, Bonita Studio [Best Eclipse Modeling Tool 2011], and Scarbo), a committer for the Eclipse projects SWTBot, GMF Tooling, Nebula,and JWT, and a contributor for Tycho, GMF Runtime, and more. He is interested in methodologies and tools to improve productivity and software quality, and a developer's life in general. Mickael's daily work focuses on build, quality, and production improvement for JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio, and all related technologies and concepts.

Maximilian Kögel is project lead of the EMFStore, EMF Client Platform, and Edapt projects, a committer on several other modeling projects including EMF Core, and serves on the Eclipse Architecture Council. He is general manager of EclipseSource Munich, where he focuses on pragmatic modeling in Eclipse-based applications with RCP, RAP, and e4 and web applications with HTML5 and JSON. Maximilian received his PhD on the topic of modeling versioning from TUM in Munich.