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Jean-Luc Johnson [Airbus Group]

System Engineer

I work for the System Engineering Department at Airbus Group Innovations UK.

Roxanne Joncas [Eclipse Foundation]

Marketing and Events Specialist

Marketing and Events Specialist at the Eclipse Foundation
Speaker and Registration Manager for EclipseCon

Etienne Juliot [Obeo]

Vice President

Etienne Juliot is co-founder and vice president of Obeo, a software editor focus on Model Driven solutions.

Modeling, System Engineering, OpenSource ecosystem, Sirius, Acceleo, Graphical DSL


Markus Knauer [EclipseSource]

Eclipse Senior Software Consultant

Markus is project lead of the Eclipse Packaging Project and creates all those packages that can be downloaded from the Eclipse Foundation website, co-lead of Eclipse RAP project that provides a fra

RAP, EPP, OSGi, LTS, Equinox, Virgo, Karaf, Packaging, Tycho, Build, Cloud Computing, RAP, EMF, ECP, p2, Support

Maximilian Koegel [EclipseSource Munich]

General Manager

Maximilian Koegel is deeply involved with the Eclipse community.

EMF, EMFStore, EMF Client Platform, RCP, Model Repository

Björn Konieczek

Kees Jan Koster

Matthias Kovatsch [ETH Zurich]

IoT Researcher

Matthias Kovatsch is an Internet of Things researcher at ETH Zurich, Switzerland with a focus on Web technology for highly resource-constrained devi

Philippe Krief [ARCAD Software]

VP Professional Services

Igor Laborie [AKKA]

Software Architect / Senior Developper
Web Developpment, Eclipse RCP, JavaEE, Scala, Git, Geeking in general

Perri Lavergne [Eclipse Foundation]

Membership coordinator/Ecosystems Development

Eric Le Ponner

Harald Mackamul [Robert Bosch GmbH]

Benoit Maggi

Baptiste Mathus

Developer Catalyst

I'm a passionate developer, OSS Fan and a leader of the Toulouse JUG.

Tooling, Build tools, Java, automation

Samir Medjiah

Associate Professor


Software Development Engineer and Technical Expert

Tracy Miranda [Kichwa Coders]

Freelance Programmer

Tracy Miranda is cofounder of Kichwa Coders, a software consultancy specializing in Eclipse tools for science and embedded software. Tracy has a background in electronics system design.

Python scripting, EASE, CDT, Eclipse for embedded software, science, microcontrollers. User experience.

Victor Olaya

Pierre Pitiot [Eurotech]

Senior Software Engineer

Pierre has been working in embedded software development for 25 years with systems deployed in a variety of verticals including oil fields, industrial and railway transportation.

Maxime Porhel [Obeo]

Software Engineer
Sirius, EMF, GEF, GMF, Eclipse Modeling, Modeling

Olivier Prouvost [OPCoach]

Eclipse expert, trainer and committer

I have been working with Eclipse since 2005 and I created my own company in 2009. I provide Eclipse training and consulting in France and all over Europe, in french, english and spanish.

Eclipse RCP, Eclipse 4, Eclipse Modeling

Dennis Qian

Xavier Raynaud [Kalray]

Integrated Development Environment Architect

Xavier Raynaud has ten years experience on Java/Eclipse, profiling and trace tools.
He currently works for Kalray, Montbonnot, France.

LinuxTools, CDT, RCP, Traces, Profiling, Embedded Systems, multicore

Torkild Resheim [Itema AS]

Senior Software Developer

Senior software developer, consultant and Eclipse committer. Working at Itema AS in Trondheim, Norway. An Eclipse aficionado since about version 2.1 (2003).

Tom Ritter [Fraunhofer FOKUS]

Director SQC

Charles Rivet [Zeligsoft]

Senior Product Manager

Charles Rivet is a senior product manager at Zeligsoft responsible for developing new business opportunities and products around open source system modelling solutions, and especially Papyrus for R

Philippe Roland [Atos]

Software Engineer
Modeling, Papyrus, EMF

Andrew Ross [Eclipse Foundation]

Director, Ecosystem Development

Andrew Ross is Director of Ecosystem Development at the Eclipse Foundation. He is responsible for the LocationTech & Science working groups.

Cool technology & especially geospatial, VoIP, and Video. Astronomy, Biking, and reading a good book.

Eugen Schindler

Sebastien Schneider

Doreen Seider [German Aerospace Center (DLR)]

Doreen Seider is deputy head of the department for Distributed Systems and Component Software of the German Aerospace Center’s (DLR).

Fabien Servoz

Matthias Sohn [SAP SE]

Project lead EGit and JGit, Architecture Council member

Matthias Sohn is co-leading the Eclipse EGit and JGit projects, and also contributing to Orion and Gerrit Code Review.

Fabien Toral [CS SI]

Technical Manager at CS Systèmes d'Information


Manuel Vacelet [Enalean]


Manuel is CTO and co-founder of Enalean. Enalean is editor of Tuleap OpenALM.

ALM, Test Driven Development, Software Craftmenship, Open source communities, Agile methodologies

Julien Vermillard [Sierra Wireless]

Sr Software Eng.

My main job is to implement all kind of M2M/IoT protocols in the Sierra Wirelesss cloud platform SaaS.

M2M IWG, IoT, Linux, network programming, DIY, embedded development, Java, C, Go

Simon Vienot [Oracle]

Engineering Manager

Philip Wenig [OpenChrom]

Founder of OpenChrom

I've programmed an open source RCP application called "OpenChrom" as part of my PhD thesis.

open source, creative commons, cultural processes of innovation and creativity, sports, photography, making life easier by utilizing computers

Angelika Wittek