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namesort ascending Organization Job title Interests
Yves YANG's picture Yves YANG
Philip Wenig [OpenChrom]'s picture Philip Wenig OpenChrom Founder of OpenChrom open source, creative commons, cultural processes of innovation and creativity, sports, photography, making life easier by utilizing computers
Julien Vermillard [Sierra Wireless]'s picture Julien Vermillard Sierra Wireless Sr Software Eng. M2M IWG, IoT, Linux, network programming, DIY, embedded development, Java, C, Go
Mathieu Velten [Atos]'s picture Mathieu Velten Atos
Eike Stepper [ES - Computersysteme]'s picture Eike Stepper ES - Computersysteme President Modeling, Architecture, Good Design, Collaboration
Matthias Sohn [SAP SE]'s picture Matthias Sohn SAP SE Project lead EGit and JGit, Architecture Council member
Gaëtan Séverac's picture Gaëtan Séverac
Doreen Seider [German Aerospace Center (DLR)]'s picture Doreen Seider German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Andrew Ross [Eclipse Foundation]'s picture Andrew Ross Eclipse Foundation Director, Ecosystem Development Cool technology & especially geospatial, VoIP, and Video. Astronomy, Biking, and reading a good book.
Pascal Rivière's picture Pascal Rivière
Charles Rivet [Zeligsoft]'s picture Charles Rivet Zeligsoft Senior Product Manager
Tom Ritter [Fraunhofer FOKUS]'s picture Tom Ritter Fraunhofer FOKUS Director SQC
Pierre Richer's picture Pierre Richer
Xavier Raynaud [Kalray]'s picture Xavier Raynaud Kalray Integrated Development Environment Architect LinuxTools, CDT, RCP, Traces, Profiling, Embedded Systems, multicore
Olivier Prouvost [OPCoach]'s picture Olivier Prouvost OPCoach Eclipse expert, trainer and committer Eclipse RCP, Eclipse 4, Eclipse Modeling
Pierre Pitiot [Eurotech]'s picture Pierre Pitiot Eurotech Senior Software Engineer
Thierry Monteil's picture Thierry Monteil
Tracy Miranda [Kichwa Coders]'s picture Tracy Miranda Kichwa Coders Freelance Programmer Python scripting, EASE, CDT, Eclipse for embedded software, science, microcontrollers. User experience.
Ed Merks [itemis]'s picture Ed Merks itemis Eclipse Modeling Project Lead Eclipse, Modeling
Dani Megert [IBM Research GmbH]'s picture Dani Megert IBM Research GmbH Eclipse Platform and JDT project lead as well as Eclipse PMC, Planning and Architecture Council member
Baptiste Mathus's picture Baptiste Mathus Developer Catalyst Tooling, Build tools, Java, automation
Igor Laborie [AKKA]'s picture Igor Laborie AKKA Software Architect / Senior Developper Web Developpment, Eclipse RCP, JavaEE, Scala, Git, Geeking in general
Matthias Kovatsch [ETH Zurich]'s picture Matthias Kovatsch ETH Zurich IoT Researcher
Kees Jan Koster's picture Kees Jan Koster
Jan Koehnlein [itemis]'s picture Jan Koehnlein itemis Senior Software Architect DSL, Modeling, Graphics, UX, Eclipse, Xtext, Xtend
Maximilian Koegel [EclipseSource Munich]'s picture Maximilian Koegel EclipseSource Munich General Manager EMF, EMFStore, EMF Client Platform, RCP, Model Repository
Markus Knauer [EclipseSource]'s picture Markus Knauer EclipseSource Eclipse Senior Software Consultant RAP, EPP, OSGi, LTS, Equinox, Virgo, Karaf, Packaging, Tycho, Build, Cloud Computing, RAP, EMF, ECP, p2, Support
Kevin KIN-FOO's picture Kevin KIN-FOO
Etienne Juliot [Obeo]'s picture Etienne Juliot Obeo Vice President Modeling, System Engineering, OpenSource ecosystem, Sirius, Acceleo, Graphical DSL
Jean-Luc Johnson [Airbus Group]'s picture Jean-Luc Johnson Airbus Group System Engineer
Mickael Istria [JBoss, by Red Hat]'s picture Mickael Istria JBoss, by Red Hat Developer, builder
Ivan Inozemtsev [Xored]'s picture Ivan Inozemtsev Xored eclipse rcptt project lead java, eclipse, fantom, git, tycho
Sebastien Gerard [CEA List]'s picture Sebastien Gerard CEA List Head of the LISE labs of CEA List MDE, MDA, UML, SysML, MARTE, Embedded System, complex system, modeling, real-time, abstraction, formalization, analysis.
Vincent Ferries [Genigraph]'s picture Vincent Ferries Genigraph Developer Web development, JavaEE, various languages, software craftsmanship, new fancy stuffs.
Tristan Faure [Atos]'s picture Tristan Faure Atos Software Architect
Daniel Exertier [Thales]'s picture Daniel Exertier Thales MDE Domain Manager, System&Software Technologies Manager
Jonathan Dumont [ALL4TEC]'s picture Jonathan Dumont ALL4TEC Project Manager
Kolja Dummann [itemis AG]'s picture Kolja Dummann itemis AG Software Architect
Didier Donsez's picture Didier Donsez
Jordan Deyton [Oak Ridge National Laboratory]'s picture Jordan Deyton Oak Ridge National Laboratory Research Associate Eclipse-based development, Java, C++, scripting... well, pretty much anything that involves programming!
Alvaro del Castillo [Bitergia]'s picture Alvaro del Castillo Bitergia CTO Working in Eclipse Foundation new metrics dasboard, I am pretty interested in everything related to Eclipse Community (people, development process, affiliations, tendencies ...).
Manuel de la Calle's picture Manuel de la Calle
Thierry Caminel's picture Thierry Caminel
Hugo Bruneliere [Inria / Mines Nantes]'s picture Hugo Bruneliere Inria / Mines Nantes R&D Engineer Software Engineering, Open Source, Modeling, Reverse Engineering, Eclipse, EMF
Cedric Brun [Obeo]'s picture Cedric Brun Obeo CTO modeling, eclipse, orion, equinox, osgi, emf, compare, code generation, graphical modeler
Manfred Broy's picture Manfred Broy
Szymon Brandys [IBM]'s picture Szymon Brandys IBM Software Developer
Francis Bordeleau [Ericsson]'s picture Francis Bordeleau Ericsson Product Manager