EclipseCon France 2014

Tue, 2014-01-28 18:35

  • The Conference

    EclipseCon France is the Eclipse Foundation's event dedicated to Eclipse Working Groups (such as PolarSys, Internet of Things, and Long Term Support) and is designed to create opportunities for the French and entire European Eclipse community to learn, explore, share, and collaborate on the latest ideas and information about Eclipse technologies, the Eclipse Working Groups, and Eclipse member companies.

    EclipseCon France is all about community. Contributors, adopters, extenders, service providers, consumers, business people, and researchers gather to share their expertise and learn from each other. EclipseCon provides networking that lead to synergies in the community and opportunities to give and receive help on specific technical issues as well as business opportunities.

    The 2014 conference program will include both hands-on tutorials and technical sessions on current topics pertinent to the Eclipse developer and the Eclipse Working Group communities, such as modeling, embedded systems, Internet of Things, case studies, and more, as well as sessions that demonstrate Eclipse-based tools in action.

    We are proud that the sessions and keynotes at EclipseCon France are chosen by an independent program committee. We believe this is the main reason for the consistent high quality we deliver at every EclipseCon.

    The themes for talks at EclipseCon France change every year to include the most interesting and current topics. The themes for 2014 are listed on the Call for Papers page. Even though EclipseCon France focuses on Embedded Systems and Eclipse Working Groups, the program committee will build a diverse program that includes the entire Eclipse technology landscape.

  • Why Should You Go?

    Eclipse technology is ubiquitous in the enterprise and addresses new domains, thanks to the Eclipse Working Groups. At the same time, Eclipse continues to spur innovation and provides a platform for research and leading-edge technology. The EclipseCon France program is designed to cover both areas.

    You will hear about successful industry deployments as well as highly innovative solutions in areas where you don’t expect Eclipse to be used. You will meet the experts and talk to them, network with your peers and share your experiences. You will also learn about the latest initiatives and working groups within the Eclipse ecosystem. You can talk to the industry experts about the Eclipse long-term support initiative, hear about Eclipse technology in safety-relevant environments (aerospace, automotive, public transport), learn more about the future of Internet of Things technology, or see what we envision as the future build and management infrastructure for Eclipse projects.

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  • Why Should Your Manager Send You?

  • Who Comes to EclipseCon France?

    At a typical EclipseCon France, this is what you will see.

    • People from ~20 countries; approximately 90% from Europe, 8% from North America, the rest from Asia
    • ~ 65% of the European attendees are from France
    • Other EU countries with high attendance include Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Russia, Spain, Italy, UK, Sweden
    • Most attendees are highly skilled software developers and software architects
    • Also well represented are developer, product, and marketing managers; executives and academic researchers
    • Most attendees work for companies and enterprises that build commercial products or internal tools based on Eclipse, or that use Eclipse tools to build solutions
    • Other attendees work for organizations that sell education and professional services for Eclipse and Eclipse-based products, or for research groups or universities that use Eclipse