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Benjamin CABE
Sierra Wireless
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Open Source Evangelist - Koneki and Mihini project lead
M2M, IoT, Lua, Community, Koneki, Mihini, Arduino, Open-Source Hardware

Benjamin is Open Source Evangelist at Sierra Wireless. He has a longtime passion for Eclipse and its ecosystem, and is a committer on several Eclipse projects (e4, PDE, …) and contributor to numerous other open source projects. He leads the Koneki and Mihini projects and actively participates to the M2M Industry Working Group. In his day-to-day job, he supports the community and advocates the use of innovative technologies (Lua, modeling, …) for the Internet of Things. When not wandering on the Koneki forum, he is building crazy communicating devices using Arduino kits!
You can find him online on Twitter (@kartben) or on his blog:


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