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Sébastien Bordes
JRebirth OSS
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Java[FX] Zealot
JavaFX toolkit, JRebirth Application Framework, Motion Design

Sébastien is an Experienced Software Developer that has played with many graphical toolkit : Swing, SWT/JFace (EclipseRCP), Web, Flex, Silverlight and now JavaFX 2+.

In 2011 he created the JRebirth Application Framework built over the new Java graphical toolkit: JavaFX 2+.
He was inspired by Eclipse platform, PureMVC framework and Microsoft MVVM design pattern. The main goal is to help developers to write sophisticated application without well-known pitfall (threading, lags, memroy leaks, asynchronous messaging and many more).

He is currently working on behalf of Airbus as IT Integration Architect for Cockpit Embedded applications (Open World).


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2 years 46 weeks

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