Hugo Bruneliere Photo

Hugo Brunelière - Inria & EMN

It's very pleasant attending and sharing at an EclipseCon, and that's going to be particularly true this June as EclipseCon is happening for the first time in France. Working in the research area around modeling and also being involved in Eclipse, it's always valuable for me to follow closely the evolution of the Eclipse modeling technologies and to see in practice their various concrete applications to the industry.

Ed Merks Photo

Ed Merks - EMF Macro Modeling

I've attended almost every single EclipseCon and Eclipse Summit since the very beginning, so I definitely want to attend the first EclipseCon France! Eclipse events are not just a great way to learn about new technologies, but for me personally, they're a great way to meet the people using the technologies I provide and to learn what features they use and what new features they'd like to see. As an added bonus, it's always a treat to spend time with my good friends in the Eclipse community. I'm really looking forward to attending.

Olivier Prouvost Photo

Olivier Prouvost - OpCoach

Attending EclipseCon France is a no-brainer. Over a two-day period, this international conference brings together a majority of the Eclipse ecosystem – committers, users, clients and suppliers.

On the networking side, EclipseCon France is essential for creating relationships based on trust and understanding that help us all work together. On the technical side, the quality of the presentations will allow me to strengthen my expertise, and provide my clients with training content that features the latest advancements.

For the first time, OPCoach is participating as a sponsor to consolidate its position within the community and gain better technical and commercial visibility.

Mélanie Bats Photo

Mélanie Bats - Obeo

Since I live in Toulouse and work with Eclipse on a daily basis, I can’t miss the upcoming EclipseCon France! For the last two years an Eclipse event has been organized in Toulouse in June, and this year it has become an official conference organized by the Foundation. This is a really exciting change!

The session schedule is very interesting, with many different topics: embedded development with Android and M2M, modeling, and other cool stuff like Orion and JavaFX. I’m especially interested in attending the modeling talk that demonstrates the new Sirius project. The talk on TCF will keep me informed about the tools used for embedded development.

EclipseCon is also the best opportunity to meet the Eclipse coders and be part of this community. No doubt it will be a really great event!

Pierre Gaufillet Photo

Pierre Gaufillet - Airbus

I'm glad that Toulouse and Midi-Pyrenées, an area where Eclipse technologies are widely present, are hosting the first EclipseCon France conference!

Attending Eclipse conferences is always an opportunity to see high-level presentations, and EclipseCon France is no exception. The program committee received many outstanding proposals, and had to be very selective. So I look forward to seeing them soon!

EclipseCon France is a chance to meet committers, integrators, and major users of our vibrant open source community. It is the right place for networking, discussing roadmap and technical choices, often establishing fruitful collaborations.

Finally, this conference has its own "flavor" in the EclipseCon family, focusing on industry needs in different domains. Many members of the program committee participate in the Eclipse Industry Working Groups, so EclipseCon France is a chance for us to showcase the IWGs.

Julien Vermillard Photo

Julien Vermillard - Sierra Wireless

I'm a software developer and I develop code that connects devices with the Airvantage M2M cloud. Attending EclipseCon France is a way for me to discover tools and new ways to use the embedded software development that is emerging at Eclipse. It is also an opportunity to attend a great workshop and see the result of the open-sourcing of our internal products Koneki and Mihini.

Here are my top talks:

  • Develop a complete M2M application with Koneki and Mihini
  • Exposing M2M to the REST of us
  • Making Raspberry Pi with eTrice
  • What Every Embedded Developer Should Know About TCF
  • Embedded Software Development with C for the next decade