WTFM! Write The Friendly Manual with Mylyn Intent

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Standard [35 minutes]

Want your team and users to RTFM? Start by writing a better FM!

Documentation sucks because most of the time it's outdated: it never reflects the recent changes you made on your software, and sooner or later no one will trust (and hence read) it anymore. In result, you often have to throw it away and rewrite a new documentation almost from scratch.

By providing tooling to efficiently update documentation when a change occurs (in your Java code, your plugin dependencies, your dev environment...), Mylyn Intent gives to your documents the abillity to react to changes, turning them into true Agile documents. It's 2013, and one can expect more than an outdated and non-IDE integrated documentation.

Attend to this talk and discover how can you use Mylyn Intent to write useful documentation, and keep it up-to-date when you bring changes to your software.

Slides available here
Source code of demo & slides available on github :

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6 June 10:15 - 10:50


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