Unleash the power of scientific research - an industrial challenge

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A long time ago, there were polymaths like Sokrates, Aristoteles, Galileo and some other genius minds. God bless those who are not mentioned here. Then nothing really happened for a while. Eventually, in our near past, scientists began to focus on distinct areas. There were for example mathematicians, chemists, physicists, biologists, physicians, linguists. But today, research becomes more and more interdisciplinary. Physicians for instance utilize several systems to make a diagnosis. Think of a hospital and its manifold instruments. Chemists and physicists make heavy use of mathematical methods to find the answer to the question of all questions. By the way, it is 42. Biologists rely on chemical detection systems to decode the genomes of living organisms. Linguists apply statistical methods to reveal the structure and history of languages. Well, it's a wide range of different topics and it seems that they are still focused on distinct areas. But they are all computer-aided today. Let me give some examples of RCP applications used nowadays in scientific research. Anyhow, that's a big industrial challenge. Think of all the system and vendor specific data formats. But it could be also a big advantage. Wouldn't it be nice to use the emerging market of big data for the processing of scientific data? Furthermore, the research becomes more and more interdisciplinary. However, the researchers need to specialize. Unfortunately, there is no unique platform to share algorithms and ideas with other specialists. Here enters Eclipse the stage. It's a perfect platform to integrate and combine different technologies. Hence, it would be best suited to fit the needs of system manufacturers as well as of researchers. Therefore, we intend to start an industry working group in this area, called Science IWG (http://wiki.eclipse.org/Science_IWG). It surely benefits also from other working groups like M2M (http://wiki.eclipse.org/Machine-to-Machine) and LocationTech (http://wiki.eclipse.org/LocationTech).

Let's unleash the power of scientific research!

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5 June 17:00 - 17:35


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