Software Quality: the Eclipse Way and Beyond

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Standard [35 minutes]

Defining software quality is a tough subject of debate in the software community. It is nevertheless a required first step in the improvement process and a common agreement has to be established if we intend to improve or further foster Eclipse products used in the wild.

The Eclipse foundation has therefore launched some initiatives to provide a general purpose quality-oriented dashboard, and the Polarsys Industry Working Group, focusing on Very Long Term Support and certifiable embedded systems tooling, has started a task force to help define quality concerns.

Beyond source code, many quality characteristics of Eclipse projects actually target the development process: Eclipse products have also gained such a success by stating predictable release dates, by enforcing reviews and milestones, and by proposing a formalised development process. Community is another often-mentioned fundamental concern operating both at the initial level in Eclipse founding principles, as well as at the end-user level in active user-focused groups.

This talk discusses what is software quality in the Eclipse way by identifying product, process and community quality concerns. An integrated quality model is then proposed to map identified requirements to measures. Finally, we discuss how this information should be acquired and made available to best help us improve Eclipse.

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5 June 16:15 - 16:50


Eclipse in the Industry
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