Scala in Eclipse, Eclipse in Scala

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Standard [35 minutes]

Scala is a general purpose programming language on the JVM. It combines functional programming and object oriented programming, and provides a seamless integration with Java.

Scala IDE is the set of plug-ins adding Scala support to Eclipse. Its advanced editing and debugging support is used for the development of mixed Scala-Java and pure Scala applications. This includes applications based on the different Scala web frameworks (Play framework, Lift, ...), or even the Scala compiler. Scala IDE itself is a Scala Eclipse plug-in, developed in Scala inside Scala IDE.

The presentation will start give a quick overview of the Scala language and Scala IDE, in the context of Eclipse development. This will be followed by a short demo on creating a fully functional Eclipse plugin in Scala, with its build configuration. Then it will show how features likes futures and actors can be used to write asynchronous, reactive UIs that delight both users and developers.

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6 June 11:00 - 11:35


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The talk can be done in French or English

I am a native French speaker.


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