The Requirements Modeling Framework - a puzzle piece for Eclipse-based Systems Engineering

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Standard [35 minutes]

Eclipse was initially designed as an inteĀ­grated development environment for Java, and later for software in general. But it recently gained attention in the area of systems engineering. A number of Eclipse-based environments for systems engineering exist, like Topcased, Unicase or OSEE.

The Requirements Modeling Framework is an Eclipse Foundation Project for managing requirements using ReqIF, an OMG standard for the exchange of requirements, as the underlying data model. This gives it interoperability with industry-tools like IBM Rational DOORS or PTC Integrity. ReqIF finally provides a common, public data model for requirements. RMF, as the first open source clean-room implementation of ReqIF, is paving the way for low-cost and open-source tools.

This session will provide a brief overview of RMF and connected tools like ProR the user interface of RMF, ReqCycle the evolution of TOPCASED Req and the Rodin Modeling Platform. It will also present the current state of development and roadmap.

But the focus will be on showing how RMF can be part of Eclipse-based systems engineering. We will demonstrate how a traceability can be established between requirements and a systems model using the Rodin modeling platform or ReqCycle traceability module.

RMF is already used in commercial projects in the automotive industry, which has been the driver of the ReqIF standard. RMF is used in the ReqIF Implementor forum, a consortium that will ensure that the various ReqIF implementations are interoperable. The forum brings implementors (e.g. IBM and PTC), users (e.g. Daimler and VW) and service providers together to ensure that ReqIF will be a success.

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6 June 14:15 - 14:50


Eclipse in the Industry
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