OSLC tool integration tutorial: using linked data to support engineering lifecycle collaboration

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Workshop [105 minutes]

This workshop presents how OSLC can help to build seamlessly a tool platform tailored to an embedded system development process. Many challenges remain in complex system development: collaboration between multi domains, ever increasing amounts of engineering data stored in geographically distributed silos, lack of consistent structure to all the information. This situation leads to poor product quality, delays on large program schedules and more. OSLC can help to break the barriers between domains. The Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration –OSLC- initiative is an open community with the objective to make it easier to use product delivery tools in harmony. It provides public specifications of resources and services for sharing data and information that product teams rely on, like requirements, system architectures, change requests, test cases, and defects. OSLC uses open and standard internet technologies to enable collaboration between tools. Many tool vendors like IBM or Oracle and industrial companies –EADS, Thales- are involved and contribute to the specifications. Eclipse Lyo project is an open source project with the goal of providing an SDK to enable adoption of OSLC specifications. This workshop explains how to integrate tools with OSLC and Lyo. It is based on the industrial use case of an aircraft doors management system design. The tutorial starts with simple examples – building an OSLC consumer – and progresses to more advanced topics such as implementing an OSLC service provider and a trace link editor to display an RDF graph of Engineering linked data.

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5 June 11:15 - 13:00


Eclipse in the Industry
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