Orion deployed: Orion goes from prototype to production

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Standard [35 minutes]

Two years ago Orion was first introduced as a new project at Eclipse. The early focus of the project was to articulate the vision and client side integration architecture, with less emphasis on producing a polished complete development tool. With the first two mature releases out the door, Orion is now attracting significant adoption, and those real world adopters are bringing real world requirements to the project.

This talk will dive into the work being done this year to make sure Orion lives up to the scale and variety of demands adopters are putting on it. The client side has gone on a heavy diet to make its components as lightweight, flexible, and as consumable as possible in diverse deployment scenarios. On the server side, both pure JavaScript and pure Java server components are being developed to support modern polyglot server platforms where single language stacks are no longer the reality. The talk will include some quick demos of the cool things you can now do with Orion, from Node.js development to cloud deployment.

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5 June 17:00 - 17:35


Mobile and Web Development
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re: Competition

It looks like Stephane's talk is more introductory for an audience that doesn't know much about Orion yet. His talk also seems to cover some of the other tools in this space. My proposal is a bit more advanced for people who already know a bit about Orion but want to learn what is new this year. Having said that I am completely flexible and I can revise my proposal if you think there is too much overlap.


Hi John,

How would you compare your presentation with the one submitted here: http://www.eclipsecon.org/france2013/sessions/new-generation-development...