Let's code a JavaFX application with Eclipse

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Workshop [105 minutes]

Let's code a JavaFX application with our favorite IDE : Eclipse ! Are you ready to discover the power of the brand new JavaFX graphical Toolkit. After this workshop you won't want to code with another technology We will:

  1. begin with a quick overview of JavaFX features (15 min)
  2. code a basic standalone Hello World JavaFX application by using Java and FXML editor. (30 min)
  3. add a JavaFX View into EclipseRCP Workbench with custom OSGI integration provided by efxclipse bundles. (30 min)
  4. Finally we will use the JRebirth Application Framework to help us to manage multithreaded application and asynchronous communication while providing a good Separation of Concern to reduce maintainability cost. (30 min)

During this workshop we will use some useful eclipse plugin like :

  • efxclipse
  • m2eclipse
  • egit (depending on internet access)
  • and an external tool : SceneBuilder (a WYSIWYG tool written in JavaFX)

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5 June 09:00 - 10:45


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