Polarsys and LTS: Taming the maintenance and sustainability beasts.

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Standard [35 minutes]

Software tools and tool chains, including all integrated Open Source components, usually have to be supported for many years, sometimes for decades when they are used for the development of embedded systems in space, aeronautics or energy.
While support for a specific version of an Eclipse project ends after less than one year, the Eclipse Long-Term Support program addresses this challenge. It provides a central, shared technical support infrastructure and supports a business model that makes the program attractive for those requesting long-term support as well as for those offering it.
Polarsys, provides tooling for the development of Embedded Systems in domains like Telecom, Aeronautics, Space, Energy, … It leverages the LTS program to ensure reproducible builds and tests of Eclipse bundles for years.

This talk introduces the LTS infrastructure and provides an overview of the LTS program to giving incentives to interested parties to join.
We also present Polarsys for users who want to use Polarsys tools and need mature and long-lasting tooling.
Finally, we focus on Polarsys and LTS for Eclipse developers and committers. "Be ready to jump at new opportunities!"

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5 June 15:10 - 15:45


Community and Business Models
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