How CERN scaled up Eclipse for the LHC

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Standard [35 minutes]

You read the name CERN and imagined thousands of physicists attempting to discover the origins of the universe. Empowering those experimental physicists are many hundred physicists, engineers and technicians who built the LHC, one of the biggest and most complex scientific instruments in the world.

Hear from the small tooling team at CERN, on how they evolved from individually downloaded Eclipse IDEs to a standardized, state-of-the-art development platform with custom plug-ins, a lean delivery chain and integrated QA.

Learn how the accelerator controls software people at CERN have used the Eclipse ecosystem over the last 10 years to write the 8 million of lines of Java and C++ code of the LHC controls system. See how cost-effective these tools are to keep hundreds of people coding and make it easy for newcomers to come aboard.

Walk away with practical knowledge on how to leverage Eclipse within your own organization.

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5 June 16:15 - 16:50


Eclipse in the Industry
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