Discovering Doc2Model

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Standard [35 minutes]

Doc2Model is an EMFT Eclipse projects and a generic language to produce EMF Models from documents.
Its common use cases are :

  • importing requirements from wordprocessors to ReqIF or SysML models
  • importing test case from spreadsheet to UML models
  • Etc.

After some investigations and industrial needs analysis, sources of Doc2Model will finally be pushed to Eclipse foundation server.

In this talk we will first remind the aim of the tool and the corresponding use cases:

  • Import documents (OpenDocument, OpenXML, PDF, …) to EMF Models (UML, SysML, RMF, …)

Then we will present the Xtext language designed to determine parts in a document and express actions for the creation of EMF model elements
Finally we will develop in detail the architecture (and the associated services) of the 2 phases decomposing the import task:

  • Transformation of the document in a pivot format
  • Language Analysis and model production

This presentation could also be an opportunity to take an inventory of inputs and outputs needed by the community.

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Eclipse in the Industry
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