Develop a complete M2M application with Koneki and Mihini

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Workshop [105 minutes]

The Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group is delivering tools and frameworks for building M2M applications, and this workshop aims at giving you a hands-on experience that you'll never forget :-) In just a couple hours, we want you to use actual hardware and sensors for seeing by yourself that M2M development really is simple! You will use the tools provided by Koneki, and the Lua development framework delivered by Mihini to build a real M2M application inspired from an actual home automation use case – and yes, there will be sensors scattered all over the conference center! The workshop will cover all the following aspects of developing an M2M application using Koneki and Mihini:

  • Quick introduction to the Lua programming language and Koneki Lua Development Tools,
  • Setting up Koneki for developing Mihini applications,
  • Writing your first "Hello World" using the Mihini framework,
  • Interacting with the hardware using Mihini API (Serial port, Modbus library, …),
  • Communication with an M2M server.

You only need basic programming skills for attending this workshop, and that's exactly why we think everybody should attend!

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5 June 11:15 - 13:00


Eclipse in the Industry
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Tutorial material


Thank you all for attending the tutorial "Develop a complete M2M application with Koneki and Mihini".

We want to let you know that the tutorial material have been documented here:

On that page you will find how to get the slides, the source code and the requirements to reproduce the tutorial.

You may find some differences with the tutorial done in Toulouse, that's because the material proposed here is to reproduce the longer tutorial made at EclipseCon Boston 2013.

Have Fun!

P.S.: To contact us, please see this page: