Components are not enough: Function oriented development for embedded systems.

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Standard [35 minutes]

Currently, the development processes for software in automotive are focused on the concept of "components".
However, due to the increasing complexity and interdependence, this approach is reaching its limits. Modern customer functions, like driving assistance, are distributed over a number of software components and ECUs. A component-oriented process does not provide a comprehensive view on a function.

OEMs see function-oriented processes as a solution to the challenge. Function orientation is an emerging strategic topic in automotive. However, in terms of methodology, tool support and organizational issues, the industry is only taking its first steps.

In the public sponsored research project "IMES" we are building an Eclipse-based toolchain for function-oriented development. Based on the open source project "EATOP", which provides a basic model-implementation of the EAST-ADL standard, the IMES tool supports the modeling of logical functions, the traceability both to requirements as well as implementation (based on Eclipse RMF). It includes editors for feature models and variant specification (an extension to Eclipse featuremodel) as well as tooling for AUTOSAR models (based on Artop) and can be connected to change management systems.

The presentation will include an introduction to function oriented development, a demonstration of the tooling and a explanation of the impact on processes, tools and organization.

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6 June 11:00 - 11:35


Eclipse in the Industry
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