Live collaborative modeling goes industrial

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Standard [35 minutes]

The facts: collaborating on models through a configuration management tool is a burden
Using SCM (Software Configuration Management) tools to collaborate around models is a productivity killer:

  • Diff/Merge of models is more complex than diff/merge of code. Integrating every modification made by a member of a modeling team, via a manual merge operation, is cumbersome and error-prone;
  • Models are usually complex graphs. Relying on a hierarchical fragmentation and a SCM checkout/checkin mechanism at file level does not help. Whatever the granularity of the fragments is, users rapidly get stuck waiting for the appropriate fragment to become writeable again.

Beyond these major concurrent access issues, collaborating around models also means being able to share ideas and work in real-time.

Make teamwork a reality
One of our main requirements was making live collaboration as simple and transparent as possible for the end-user. Relying on the technological bricks brought by the CDO open-source technology appeared at the end of 2010 as the best way to focus on end-user experience and bring Sirius-based modeling workbenches very advanced multi-user capabilities.

The collaborative scenarios we are addressing are the result of a two-year maturation effort to which operational end-users have greatly contributed. This technology is now used to collaborate around large systems including avionic suites, ground transportation, radars, flight management systems, etc.

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6 June 15:15 - 15:50


Eclipse in the Industry
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