Building an in-house Eclipse support team

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Standard [35 minutes]

For now 5 years, Ericsson has been providing its development teams with an in-house Eclipse support group whose mandate is to smoothen the distribution of Eclipse and help our 10,000 users with their day-to-day operations.
In this talk we reflect on both the whys and the hows of our team. For the whys, we explain the genesis of the team, its evolution, and the services offered today. For the hows, we give an overview of the challenges we met:
- Distributing Eclipse in shared environments (AFS and Windows TS)
- Managing preferences for a team
- Gathering information for diagnostic purpose
- Monitoring Eclipse usage
- Dealing with upstream problems

This talk will conclude with the pros and cons of this sort of service and discuss how we see the role of the team evolve.

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6 June 15:15 - 15:50


Eclipse in the Industry
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Hello, I would be very interested to see the slides of this presentation after the conference.. will they be posted here later? Thank you!