Advanced use of the Android Development Tools (ADT plugin)

Session Type: 
Workshop [105 minutes]

The most part of Android developers use ADT plugin every days. The most part use it for :

  • Previewing the UI
  • Debugging their application
  • Creating the first elements of their projects

But this is a little part of the features offered by ADT.

With this workshop, they will learn :

  • How to manipulate their layout graphically
  • How many different projects they can create with the editor
  • How lint can help them to improve their code
  • How the emulators can be manipulated to emulate a lot of behaviors
  • How they can improve their layouts with HierarchyViewer
  • How they can improve the memory print of their app
  • How they can check their UI for a Pixel Perfect precision

Handling the advances features of the plugin is really useful to create the perfect code for your app.

Schedule info

Time slot: 
5 June 09:00 - 10:45


Mobile and Web Development
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